Gree 1.5 Ton Lomo Series Split AC (GS18LM9L)


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General Features
Capacity 1.5 Ton
Type Wall Mounted
Inverter No
Energy Efficient High Efficiency
warranty 3 Years Store Warranty


One of the most rapidly advancing brands, Gree has introduced the Lomo Series air conditioners, based upon the latest research and technology methods. Perhaps, the Gree Lomo Series 1.5 ton AC model 18LM4 is the most popular air conditioner. This particular model has received recognition and positive response almost instantly.

Apart from the stylish glossed white finishing exterior, the Gree Lomo Series 1.5 ton AC model 18LM4 includes exceptional specifications!

Advanced Features

The Gree Lomo Series 1.5 ton AC, is designed to provide ultimate comfort and luxurious experience. The self-diagnosis feature allows the air conditioner to scan defaults and display them on the panel. This feature helps save time, money, and effort that is required in the inspection of an air conditioner to diagnose the problem. For even more feasibility, the on/off function is allows the Gree Lomo Series 1.5 ton AC to turn on/off on the desired time automatically.

The intelligent defrost specification controls the need and duration of defrosting through high-quality sensors. Moreover, the Gree Lomo Series 1.5 ton AC is installed with U-type inner groove copper pipe and provides turbo cooling. Some other specifications include self-drying operation and comfortable sleeping modes.

You can also remove the panel and wash it for better maintenance and use.

Multi Fan Speeds

Another modern specification of the Gree Lomo Series 1.5 ton AC is the multi-fan speeds. This option of controlling speed variation allows augmented temperature-control and saves money as well as energy if you operate it at low speed.

Golden Fin Condenser

The Golden Fin Condenser used in the Gree Lomo Series 1.5 ton AC has a golden hydrophilic coating. The Golden Fin condensers have a clear advantage over the Blue Fin condensers. By speeding up the defrosting process, the Golden Fin condensers in the Gree Lomo Series 1.5 ton AC improve the heating efficiency. Also, it protects the air conditioner coils from damage and rust. It also protects the Gree Lomo Series 1.5 ton AC’s condenser coils from an accumulation of the salts, water, and other substances. Even more, the golden fin condensers are environment-friendly and non-toxic.

Hence, the usage of golden fin condenser in the Gree Lomo Series 1.5 ton AC makes it heat efficient, eco-friendly, and durable product.

Energy Efficient

With an energy efficiency ratio of 3.2 and low voltage startup of 150V, the Gree Lomo Series 1.5 ton AC conserves minimal energy and proves to be budget-friendly.

Healthier Lifestyle

Installed with six health filters and a tropical compressor, the Gree Lomo Series 1.5 ton AC delivers a purified and clean air. Hence, improving your indoor room quality!


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