Gree 2.0 Ton Heat & Cool Series Floor Standing AC (GF24FWH)


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General Features
Capacity 2.0 Ton
Type Wall Mounted
Inverter No
Energy Efficient High Efficiency
warranty 3 Years Store Warranty


Gree Electric Appliances Inc. is a Chinese major appliance manufacturer headquartered in Zhuhai. It is the world’s largest residential air-conditioner manufacturer?

Six Health Filters

This green air AC also features a Health filters which help in cleansing of air and airflow, removing contaminants like dust, pollen, smoke and grease to enhance the quality of indoor air providing a healthy environment for you to breathe in. These filters also increase the efficiency and life span of your AC as well.

Low Voltage Startup

Despite having a Powerful Compressor, this green AC can start at low voltages so that you don’t worry during power fluctuations.

Comfortable Sleeping Mode

The GREE AC is has an efficient and quiet functioning that ensures that a comfortable airflow surrounds you so that your sleep is not disturbed during the night. In the sleep mode, the temperature is gradually increased by half a degree every hour as your body does not require a very cool environment during sleep. This further makes efficient use of electricity.

Auto Clean & Intelligent Defrosting

The system has an auto-clean feature that self-cleans your air conditioner proficiently. This is a unique function that helps avoid the formation of mold, bacteria and odor. which starts the self-cleaning process and takes away all your regular cleaning and maintenance worries.

The intelligent defrost feature keeps the AC from freezing up. By this function, the air conditioner goes into defrost only when it really needs to. This way energy consumption is greatly reduced.

Moreover, the unit also has an Automatic Drying Operation to further make things easier for you.

 Big Outdoor Unit with High Efficiency

The AC has a double fan with multi fan speeds so that you can turn the temperature of a room down in no time. The Overlong/3D Air Flow technology in the standing unit is meant to cool larger spaces quickly and efficiently.


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